Monday, February 6, 2012

Zambini the Miracle Man

"Serve civilization well, and you shall never regret it!"
~ Zambini the Miracle Man

Real Name:  Zachary Zambini 
First Appearance: Zip Comics # 1 (February 1940)
Publisher:  MLJ/Archie Comics
Creator:  Joe Blair and Ed Wexler
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"Zambini, the Master of Magic, has many miraculous powers, but the greatest is his ability to compel an evil force to return like a boomerang to the place where it started.  Zambini's services are free, but he will serve only on the side of justice!"

Zambini fought against both common criminals and con-artists as well as evil magicians and magic-users.  Wearing first a green and then later a blue turban, he traveled around the world in his quest to fight for justice and mercy.  Often doing stage magic when performing for audiences, Zambini was in reality a powerful magician.

Here are some examples of how his powers manifested, often by him speaking magical spells:
  • Owned a boomerang amulet that caused evil to return to where it
    Zambini's last words in Zip Comics # 35.
  • Hypnotism.
  • Could change an object's size or appearance.
  • Had a radioscopic mind that picked up distress calls.
  • Could teleport.
  • Could fly.
  • Could control the weather.
  • Could cast illusions.
  • Could become invisible.
Zambini was very powerful as he once defeated Satan and caused Hell to freeze over.  He had one major weakness though- he lost his powers at the touch of another person's hand.

Zambini appeared in Zip Comics # 1-35.

Here is his first appearance in Zip Comics # 1.

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