Thursday, February 9, 2012

Dr. Mystic, the Occult Detective

~ Dr. Mystic, the Occult Detective

Real Name:  Unknown 
First Appearance: Comics Magazine # 1 (May 1936)
Publisher:  Centaur Comics
Creator:  Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster

Dr. Mystic was styled as the "foe of supernatural evil."  In his one appearance in a two page story in Comics Magazine # 1, shown below, Dr. Mystic magically increased his size to fight a giant who was terrorizing the city, finally realizing it was his old friend Zator who had simply grown big to attract his friend's attention.  You would have thought there would have been a better way to do this, but it was the 1930's.

They set off flying at super speed toward to India to meet with the "Seven", mysterious agents who had sent Zator to get Dr. Mystic.  They were attacked by "monstrous creatures of the nether world" as they travelled.  It turned out the creatures were sent by Dr. Mystic's old foe, Koth, who attempted to kill them as the story ended, with a "to be continued" that never happened.

At DC Comics, Dr. Mystic became the hero called Dr. Occult and his adventures continued there.

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