Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Marvelo, Monarch of Magicians

"I can't be bothered with you - I want to do some fishing!  KALORA!"
~ Marvelo, Monarch of Magicians

Real Name:  Unknown 
First Appearance: Big Shot Comics # 1 (May 1940)
Publisher:  Columbia Comics
Creator: Fred Guardineer

“Marvelo, the monarch of all magicians – has thrown his darkly blazing eyes that gleam so hypnotically, his lean hands that move with such blinding speed, all of his concentrated force and will – into the eternal struggle between good and evil – fighting always for true justice!”

Coming to the United States, Marvelo, the Monarch of Magicians decided to use his great power to fight crime and protect the innocent.  By shouting the magic word, "KALORA!", he could perform almost any magical feat.   Clad in his white tuxedo, blue cape and red turban, Marvelo fought all manner of lawbreakers, including an evil sorcerer named Guran.  He often teamed with the police to help them solve crimes.
Zee assists Marvelo.

Zee's great strength.
Marvelo was accompanied by his Hottentot servant Zee, who with his great strength, hyper-senses and unswerving loyalty, assisted Marvelo when needed.

Marvelo's father was the ruler of Brahama, the "South Pacific Island where not even a knife has been used in anger for centuries."  When Brahama, where sits the volcano Old Pohkrank, was threatened by foreign nations because of its vast supply of tungsten, Marvelo intervened to save his Father and his people.

Marvelo appeared in Big Shot Comics # 1-20 and in The Face # 1.

The following is Marvelo's first appearance in Big Shot Comics # 1.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Merlin the Magician

"Quick, General Nevsky!  Put me in your biggest cannon!  I MA WON A NONNAC LLEHS!"
~ Merlin the Magician

From National Comics # 16
Real Name:  Jock Kellogg 
First Appearance: National Comics # 1 (July 1940)
Publisher:  Quality Comics
Creator:  Dan Zolnerowich (credited to pen name "Lance Blackwood")
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"Garbed in his magical cloak, Merlin, descendant of the ancient magician of King Arthur's court, today uses occult powers to aid democracies in their fight against oppression."
When London resident and "handsome playboy" Jock Kellogg ran out of money, he received a telegram from  
a dying uncle.  Expecting a fortune, he instead learned that he was a descendant of the fabled Merlin from the time of King Arthur and inherited Merlin's magic cloak.   Later realizing the cloak truly did grant him magic  powers, Jock, now calling himself Merlin the Magician, confronted the god of war Mars.  Charged by a mysterious maiden who was the embodiment of Peace to save the people of the world, Merlin again challenged and even defeated Mars, temporarily bringing peace to the world.

 Alas, it would not remain this way, and Merlin began fighting against evil.  Merlin fought gods and other mystical beings, traveled to the land of the dead and opposed oppressing armies as well as performed more mundane tasks like helping orphans, fighting crime and recovering stolen jewels.

Merlin initially performed magic in a variety of ways including magic words and gestures, but as of National Comics # 12, he started speaking his spells backwards, like a few other magicians of the era.
Merlin appeared in National Comics # 1-26.

The following is from National Comics# 1.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Ibis the Invincible

"Ibis - pronounced eye-biss"
~ helpful footnote in the first story of Ibis the Invincible 

Real Name:  Prince Amentep 
First Appearance: Whiz Comics # 2 (February 1940)
Publisher:  Fawcett Comics
Creator:  C.C. Beck and Bill Parker

Pince Amentep lived during the 12th Dynasty of Egypt where he battled the evil Black Pharoah.   His beloved, Princess Taia, was wounded and in order to save her, Prince Amentep placed a spell on her to make her sleep, and then did the same to himself.

Awakening in the 20th Century, Prince Amentep took the name of Ibis the Invincible and along with the awakened Taia,  fought crime  and injustice with the use of his Ibistick.  The Ibistick allowed Ibis to wield incredible magic.

A blurb at the beginning of several issues gives a great summary of our hero:  "Prince Ibis, man of miracles and master of white magic, first came to life in the Egypt of 4000 years ago! Put in suspended animation for centuries, Ibis has awakened to battle modern crime and evil with the aid of his magic Ibistick!"

Below is his first appearance in Whiz Comics # 2.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Zatara the Magician

"Uoy  era won ni my rewop."
~ Zatara the Magician

Action Comics # 14
Real Name:  Giovanni "John" Zatara 
First Appearance: Action Comics # 1 (June 1938)
Publisher:  DC Comics
Creator:  Fred Guardineer

Action Comics # 12
"Champion of law and order, the word's greatest magician and his faithful East Indian assistant, Tong, have dedicated their lives to wiping out the forces of outlawry led by the beautiful woman criminal and Zatara's arch-enemy, The Tigress."

Hawkman (vol 1) # 4 - Zatanna
Zatara is a stage magician who actually possessed magical powers.  He usually spoke his spells backwards. Zatara and his servant, Tong, traveled the world fighting crime and injustice.

Zatara had a daughter, Zatanna, who first appeared in Hawkman (volume 1) # 4 (October-November 1964).  She also cast her spells by speaking backwards.  Her mother was Sindella, of the magical race Homo Magi.

Zatara appeared in DC Comics from June 1938 until his death in Swamp Thing (volume 2) # 50 (July 1986).  His spirit has since appeared numerous times after his death.

Below is his first appearance in Action Comics # 1.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Zongar the Miracle Man

"Your magic is the greatest thrill I ever knew, Zongar."
~ Ruth, girlfriend of Zongar

"No greater thrill than your magic, Ruth."
~ Zongar the Miracle Man

Real Name:  Unknown 
First Appearance: Silver Streak Comics # 7(January 1941)
Publisher:  Lev Gleason Publications

"When Zongar, the Miracle Man, holds the magic amulet in his hand, the all powerful spirit of Abaraxx appears, to do his bidding."

Zongar had in his possession a magic amulet that allowed him to command the spirit Abaraxx.  Abaraxx seemed to have limitless power.  When his girlfriend, Ruth West, and her father were kidnapped by the evil Master Rokula, Zongar used the amulet to track and rescue them.

Some of the things Abaraxx was seen doing for Zongar are:
  • Tracking kidnappers.
  • Opening locked doors.
  • Freeing Zongar from restraints.
  • Changing thugs into kittens.
  • Destroying Rokula's mountain lair.
Zongar only appeared once, in Silver Streak Comics # 7, although there was a next issue appearance tease.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

El Carim, Master of Magic

"Why are you smiling, El Carim"
~ Gladys Troy, assistant
"Just my own private joke, Gladys!"
~ El Carim, Master of Magic

El Carim from Master Comics # 10
Real Name:  Unknown 
First Appearance: Master Comics # 1 (March 1940)
Publisher:  Fawcett Comics
Creator:  Carl Formes and Sven Elven

"Read backwards, El Carim's name spells "miracle".  The name fits the man...for El Carim is the world's greatest miracle maker."

El Carim is another turbaned magician of the era, who served as a stage magician as well as fighting crime. 

From Master Comics # 24
In addition to using magical spells, being able to project his spirit and being a master escape artist, El Carim had a wide array of magical tools including:
  • a magic monocle that creates illusions, allows him to see "visions" in conjunction with his "spectrograph" and that at least once deflected bullets
  • a "spectrograph" that transforms words into radio "vision" or "distance" waves
  • the world's most powerful magnet
  • an "arrestor" that freezes men or moving objects into statues
  • invisible paint

El Carim is visited by the spirit of Wizzar, the father of all magic, in Master Comics # 15, who sends him to the planet Zaam, to free the Princess Illean and avenge her father's death.

El Carim and Gladys from Master Comics # 9

El Carim and Gladys from Master Comics #10
In many of his adventures, he was assisted by a woman named Gladys Troy.

El Carim appeared in Master Comics # 1-32.

Below is his first appearance from Master Comics # 1.