Sunday, February 12, 2012

Solar, Master of Magic

"Come on boys -- Let's have some fun, too!"
~ Solar, Master of Magic

Real Name:  Unknown
First Appearance: Captain Aero Comics # 1 (December 1941)
Publisher:  Holyoke Publishing
Creator:  Saul Rosen 

“Solar, the famous man of mystery  and master of magic pits the wizardry of the ages against the forces of crime and evil.”

Solar, the Master of Magic, was a stage magician who just happened to also have real magic powers.  I wonder if there were any stage magicians in the 1940's who did not dabble in the real magical arts.

He wore a magical diamond that came from King Solomon’s Mines which gave the wearer the power  of performing miracles, like making a car fly or creating illusions.  Solar also owned the “Cape of Mystery” which made him invisible when worn and allowed him to track down and infiltrate crooks' hideouts.

In his brief four appearances in Captain Aero Comics # 1-4, Solar fought criminals as well as Nazis.   His assistant was the lovely and spunky Linda Andrews, introduced in her first appearance as the daughter of Professor Andrews, inventor of a super-bomb.

The following is from Captain Aero Comics # 1.

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