Thursday, February 16, 2012

Jupiter, Master Magician

"Jupiter, I can't thank you enough!"
~ Joan, the daughter of NY state governor

"Joan, it's all in the fight against evil!"
~ Jupiter, Master Magician

Real Name:  Unknown
Planet of Origin:  Jupiter 
First Appearance:  Prize Comics # 1 (March 1940)
Publisher:  Prize Publications
Creator:  Greg Chapian

Jupiter, Master Magician, came to Earth from the planet Jupiter "in order to combat evil."   He was an incredible magician able to perform almost any task using magic words or gestures, but apparently everyone of his race on Jupiter could perform magic, as well as be "sensitive to human vibrations".  Jupiter looked like a normal, blond human man, except for pointed antennae on his forehead.

Jupiter had a special friendship with ace reporter Jim Johnson, and Jim had but to say Jupiter's name, or some phrase such as "if only Jupiter were around...", and he would appear to assist Jim.  It was never shown exactly where Jupiter resided when not called forth by Jim.

Based in New York state, Jupiter fought all manner of evil, in several issues against the mad scientist Racko.  He used magic words to accomplish most of his magic, several of which are listed below:

  • ASTERKO - to cause an explosion
  • BAK-MAL-KO - to turn people into fish
  • BALKU - to turn men to statues
  • BUMLOKA - to fly
  • ETTIO - to bind men
    The magical "Super Plane"
  • FIZZBA - to change human to ice statue
  • MAXRONA - to create a drill
  • OKPATO - to heal someone's injuries
  • POTUPO - to release bindings
  • PRANTISSIMO - to freeze people
  • QUARMUNDO - to turn objects into rabbits
  • QUIZACTO - to teleport
  • TUMBRIO - to make bullets change trajectory
  • ZOONG - to stop a death ray
  • ZUDAKO - to cause an explosion
  • ZUTARK - to clear blocked passages
  • ZUTKO-MUPAKO - to fly
  • ZUTORGO - to make the "Super Plane" appear
  • ZXUNT - to fly out of danger

Jupiter could also become invisible, amphibious, create electrical discharges and create heat rays.  He had a magic crystal ball that allowed him to search for his enemies.

Appearing in Prize Comics # 1-6, below is his second appearance in Prize Comics # 2.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Kardak the Mystic Magician

"Well Balthar!  There's some good in anybody -- if you know how to bring it out!!"
~ Kardak the Mystic

Real Name:  Unknown 
First Appearance: Top-Notch Comics # 1 (December 1939)
Publisher:  MLJ/Archie Comics
Creator:  C.A. Winter and Harry Shorten

"Kardak, the Mystic Magician, has uncanny, unexplainable powers which are fortunately used for the suppression of evil!"

When he made his first appearance, Kardak was simply called "The Mystic".  In his third adventure, the story title changed to Kardak the Mystic, which is where we learn his name.

Kardak started out with some wild adventures, traveling to an undersea kingdom and then going on a long trek over several issues to reach the Land of the Master Brahmins, who were magical enemies of civilization.   Once he defeated them, his adventures became more mundane, as he fought against crime and corruption, as well as against some just mean folks!   He helped the unlucky and stood up for the poor and downtrodden.

Balthar (Kardak's servant), Lorna Delroy (Kardak's fiancee) and Kardak himself.

Kardak traveled at first with his fiancee, Lorna Delroy, and later with a servant, Balthar.  His magic could accomplish almost anything, except it would not work against the dead.   Kardak's magic resided in his eyes and when his eyes were covered, his magic disappeared. 

A sampling of the many ways he used his abilities is listed below:
  • Became invisible.
  • Changed objects from one thing to another.
  • Sent his shadow to do tasks.
  • Created fire.
  • Controlled the weather, such as creating gales.
  • Changed his size to shrink or grow into a giant.
  • Created illusions.
  • Used hypnosis.
Kardak the Mystic Magician appeared in Top-Notch Comics # 1-2 and then # 4-27.  When the comic changed names to Top-Notch Laugh Comics, he appeared in issues # 28 and 29.

The first comic below is his first appearance in Top-Notch Comics # 1, where he is only referred to as The Mystic.   The second comic is Top-Notch Comics # 4, where he is first called by his name, Kardak.

Top-Notch Comics # 1:

Top-Notch Comics # 4:

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Diamond Jack

"The only magic I'll use will be these two hands!"
~ Diamond Jack

Real Name:  Jack Lansing
First Appearance: Slam Bang Comics # 1 (March 1940)
Publisher:  Fawcett Comics
Creator:  Gus Ricca

“With the help of a magic diamond given him years ago by a magician, Diamond Jack can perform mental and physical miracles which amaze ordinary human beings…but always he uses the magic diamond only to do good and destroy evil!”

Diamond Jack was given a magic diamond encased in a ring by an aged magician who taught him how to use it to "aid the worthy".   The diamond was once the eye of an evil god.
The power of the ring manifested in traditional mystical ways such as changing objects from one to another and allowing Diamond Jack to control objects or people.  It also granted him superhuman powers such as strength, speed, flight and invulnerability.  The magic used was dependent on his concentration.

Diamond Jack used this magic ring to fight criminals, vampire, demons, sorcerors and even an evil god.  

Diamond Jack appeared in Slam Bang Comics # 1-7 and Wow Comics # 1.

The following is from Slam Bang Comics # 1.