Thursday, February 16, 2012

Jupiter, Master Magician

"Jupiter, I can't thank you enough!"
~ Joan, the daughter of NY state governor

"Joan, it's all in the fight against evil!"
~ Jupiter, Master Magician

Real Name:  Unknown
Planet of Origin:  Jupiter 
First Appearance:  Prize Comics # 1 (March 1940)
Publisher:  Prize Publications
Creator:  Greg Chapian

Jupiter, Master Magician, came to Earth from the planet Jupiter "in order to combat evil."   He was an incredible magician able to perform almost any task using magic words or gestures, but apparently everyone of his race on Jupiter could perform magic, as well as be "sensitive to human vibrations".  Jupiter looked like a normal, blond human man, except for pointed antennae on his forehead.

Jupiter had a special friendship with ace reporter Jim Johnson, and Jim had but to say Jupiter's name, or some phrase such as "if only Jupiter were around...", and he would appear to assist Jim.  It was never shown exactly where Jupiter resided when not called forth by Jim.

Based in New York state, Jupiter fought all manner of evil, in several issues against the mad scientist Racko.  He used magic words to accomplish most of his magic, several of which are listed below:

  • ASTERKO - to cause an explosion
  • BAK-MAL-KO - to turn people into fish
  • BALKU - to turn men to statues
  • BUMLOKA - to fly
  • ETTIO - to bind men
    The magical "Super Plane"
  • FIZZBA - to change human to ice statue
  • MAXRONA - to create a drill
  • OKPATO - to heal someone's injuries
  • POTUPO - to release bindings
  • PRANTISSIMO - to freeze people
  • QUARMUNDO - to turn objects into rabbits
  • QUIZACTO - to teleport
  • TUMBRIO - to make bullets change trajectory
  • ZOONG - to stop a death ray
  • ZUDAKO - to cause an explosion
  • ZUTARK - to clear blocked passages
  • ZUTKO-MUPAKO - to fly
  • ZUTORGO - to make the "Super Plane" appear
  • ZXUNT - to fly out of danger

Jupiter could also become invisible, amphibious, create electrical discharges and create heat rays.  He had a magic crystal ball that allowed him to search for his enemies.

Appearing in Prize Comics # 1-6, below is his second appearance in Prize Comics # 2.

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