Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Mystery Men of the Golden Age blog

I am a great fan of the Golden Age of Comics, which was the late 1930's through the mid 1940's.  A wealth of characters were created during that time, each with his or her own unique charm.   Some of these characters were one-hit wonders.  Others continue to appear in comics today.

In this blog, I am going to take a trip down memory lane, sharing bits of information and posting their first appearances, if available to me.  If a character has a more detailed biography at another site, I will link there rather than try to recreate all of the information here.

I am also categorizing these heroes into distinct categories when I can.   We are starting out with the Magicians of the Golden Age.   Whether turban or top hat wearing, backward magic speaking or super hypnotizing... these men and women used their magical abilities to be a force of good.

Heroes who worked underwater, American patriotic heroes, speedsters, "shrinkers", aliens or regular guys who just put on a mask, I plan to hit them all.  Settle back, enjoy and check us out each day, as we take a stroll back to the good ole' days, when all you had to do to fight crime was put on a colorful costume and stand up for what was right!

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