Monday, February 13, 2012

Mr. Miracle

"Maybe it's a miracle!"
~ Mr. Miracle

Real Name:  Unknown
First Appearance: Captain Fearless Comics # 1 (August 1941)
Publisher:  Holyoke Publishing
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"Mr. Miracle! Master of men and possessor of all the strange odic powers of the cosmic!"

Mr. Miracle was a little different form other magicians of the era in that he gained his powers from a scientific device.   We may never know why the man who would become Mr. Miracle jumped off a bridge in a suicide attempt, but he was pulled out and revived from death by Professor Reitz's mind ray, which gave him the "power to perform miracles."

Using his power to "bring freedom and justice to all oppressed people", in his first case he tracked down the man who killed Professor Ritz and re-obtained the plans for the "mind ray".  Mr. Miracle then destroyed the plans so that they could not be misused.

In his first adventure, Mr. Miracle used his miraculous abilities to create his new costume, teleport in a cloud of smoke, change guns into snake and birds,  turn paper into fish and freeze a man in mid-air.  Truly a miracle worker indeed!

Appearing in Captain Fearless Comics # 1 and 2, here is his first appearance.

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