Saturday, February 4, 2012

Yarko the Great

"I have no power over you, Death...I'll do all that is in my power to save men from your clutches!"
~ Yarko the Great

Real Name:  Unknown 
First Appearance: Wonder Comics # 2 (1939)
Publisher:  Fox Feature Syndicate
Creator:  Will Eisner
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"Yarko, a young American, initiated into the magic of the East, pits his mystic powers against the forces of crime and evil...all quail before him, the mightiest magician of all time....."

Yarko the Great was a stage magician with real magical powers.  Traveling all over the world, he fought crime and injustice, as well as supernatural menaces, wherever he went.  Yarko performed magic with gestures as well as spells (sometimes backward) but his power resided primarily in his eyes.  When his eyes were covered, he was powerless.

Yarko appeared in Wonder Comics # 2, Wonderworld Comics # 3-33, Blue Beetle # 1 and Samson # 4-5.

Here is his first appearance in Wonder Comics # 2.

....Page 8 is missing....

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