Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Phantom Sphinx

"No, No.  Don't touch me!"
~ The Phantom Sphinx

Real Name:  Amron 
First Appearance: Pocket Comics # 1 (1941)
Publisher:  Harvey Comics
Creator: Louis Cazeneuve

“Revived from a hypnotic sleep of 6,000 years, Amron, the Phantom Sphinx, son of pharaohs, walks the earth in search of wrongs that he can right.”

The Phantom Sphinx was born 6,000 years ago in Egypt.  Growing up to become an Egyptian general, the man named Amron was put into a hypnotic sleep by his father.  Revived by a bandit into modern times, Amron, now calling himself the Sphinx, began to use his ancient knowledge of magic against all evil.

Usually directed by his dead Father’s spirit as to where injustice or evil was arising, the Phantom Sphinx displayed awesome magical powers, manifested in some of the ways below.
  • Changed objects from one to another.
  • Teleported himself.
  • Controlled the weather, such a creating a sandstorm.
  • Shrank and grew in size.
  • Cast illusions.
  • Flight.
  • Turned into vapor.
  • Traveled to the Land of the Dead.
Amron often spent time rescuing his friend, the American reporter Nancy Taylor, from bandits, evil genii and even the god of vengeance Kali.
The Phantom Sphinx did not want anyone to touch him, and consistently avoided physical contact.  He fought criminals as well as otherworldly menaces in his service to mankind.

Appearing in Pocket Comics # 1-4, below is his first appearance in Pocket Comics # 1.

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