Friday, February 10, 2012

Hale the Magician

"My magic spearhead performs every miracle."
~ Hale the Magician

Real Name:  Hale 
First Appearance: Dynamic Comics # 1 (October 1941)
Publisher:  Harry 'A' Chesler Comics
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In 1541, a nobleman named Hale and his son were with Spanish conquistadors in South America when they decided to help the native tribe, the Maoni.  Hale was killed but his son, also named Hale, stayed with the Maoni tribe.  Hale was trained physically and in magic to one day lead the tribe.  Betrayed by a tribesman jealous of Hale's magic spearhead, Hale was killed; however, the tribal chief put an immortal soul into Hale so that one day he would return to life. 

In 1941, American scientist Henry Starrett and his daughter Lois flew to South America to investigate the legend of the man who would one day rise again to life.  They waited for months for him to come to life when, becoming impatient, Henry broke open the tomb.  Hale came to life, yet Henry Starrett died.

Hale vowed to go with Lois to the United States to dedicate his life to "battling injustice in a land where freedom and liberty are valued above all else."  He used his magic spearhead to fight injustice and crime, withe Lois Starrlett often at his side.  His spearhead allowed him to do basically anything, as long as he had in in his possession.  

Hale the Magician used his magical powers in Dynamic Comics # 1, Punch Comics # 1,2,9 and 12, Snap Comics # 9 and Authentic Police Cases # 1.

The following is from his first appearance in Dynamic Comics # 1.

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