Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Warlock the Wizard

"The best way to fight magic is with more magic."
~ Warlock the Wizard

Real Name:  Unknown 
First Appearance: Nickel Comics # 1 (May 1940)
Publisher:  Fawcett Comics

"Warlock the Wizard, last of the white magicians, has dedicated his life to destroying evil and black magic.  Unerringly his wise raven Hugin guides his steps to evildoers..."

Warlock had a magic staff topped with a golden hand.   At his use of the magic word "Abraxas", the hand would grow and perform whatever feat Warlock commanded.  Accompanying him was a raven named Hugin, who led him to battle evil.  He fought other magical beings as well as criminals.

He owned several other magical items including the Lamp of the Gods "which can perform miracles never dreamed of by mortal man."

Although he fought against evil, often people were afraid of him and tried to avoid him, until they realized he was there to help.

Warlock the Wizard appeared in Nickel Comics # 1-7. 

The following is his first appearance in Nickel Comics # 1.

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