Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Mystico the Wonder Man

"Black magic can never defeat good!  Now I'll put you where you belong!"
~ Mystico

Real Name:  Unknown 
First Appearance: Starling Comics # 1 (June 1940)
Publisher:  Standard/Better/Nedor Comics
Creator:  Leonard Sansone
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"Restored to life through Dr. Slade's vita-ray, Mystico, a seer of ancient Egypt, has placed his magic powers at the service of humanity!"

Mystico the Wonder Man was brought to life by the evil scientist Dr. Slade.  Dr. Slade stole a mummy from a museum to test out his vita-ray, with which he was going to raise an army of the dead.  The machine exploded, yet Mystico was brought to life.  He began using his magic to fight crime and help humanity.

His powers were manifested in many way, including the following:
  • Received psychic warnings "flashing through forgotten centuries".
  • Mystically controlled objects and people, similar to telekinesis.
  • Jumped tall buildings in a single bound.
  • Swam underwater at great depths for long periods of time.
  • Had clairvoyant visions.
Mystico's first appearance in Startling Comics # 1 can be seen here, although it is a difficult to read microfiche copy. 

Below is his fourth appearance in Startling Comics #4, which I think is really cool.

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