Friday, January 27, 2012

Zongar the Miracle Man

"Your magic is the greatest thrill I ever knew, Zongar."
~ Ruth, girlfriend of Zongar

"No greater thrill than your magic, Ruth."
~ Zongar the Miracle Man

Real Name:  Unknown 
First Appearance: Silver Streak Comics # 7(January 1941)
Publisher:  Lev Gleason Publications

"When Zongar, the Miracle Man, holds the magic amulet in his hand, the all powerful spirit of Abaraxx appears, to do his bidding."

Zongar had in his possession a magic amulet that allowed him to command the spirit Abaraxx.  Abaraxx seemed to have limitless power.  When his girlfriend, Ruth West, and her father were kidnapped by the evil Master Rokula, Zongar used the amulet to track and rescue them.

Some of the things Abaraxx was seen doing for Zongar are:
  • Tracking kidnappers.
  • Opening locked doors.
  • Freeing Zongar from restraints.
  • Changing thugs into kittens.
  • Destroying Rokula's mountain lair.
Zongar only appeared once, in Silver Streak Comics # 7, although there was a next issue appearance tease.

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