Sunday, January 29, 2012

Ibis the Invincible

"Ibis - pronounced eye-biss"
~ helpful footnote in the first story of Ibis the Invincible 

Real Name:  Prince Amentep 
First Appearance: Whiz Comics # 2 (February 1940)
Publisher:  Fawcett Comics
Creator:  C.C. Beck and Bill Parker

Pince Amentep lived during the 12th Dynasty of Egypt where he battled the evil Black Pharoah.   His beloved, Princess Taia, was wounded and in order to save her, Prince Amentep placed a spell on her to make her sleep, and then did the same to himself.

Awakening in the 20th Century, Prince Amentep took the name of Ibis the Invincible and along with the awakened Taia,  fought crime  and injustice with the use of his Ibistick.  The Ibistick allowed Ibis to wield incredible magic.

A blurb at the beginning of several issues gives a great summary of our hero:  "Prince Ibis, man of miracles and master of white magic, first came to life in the Egypt of 4000 years ago! Put in suspended animation for centuries, Ibis has awakened to battle modern crime and evil with the aid of his magic Ibistick!"

Below is his first appearance in Whiz Comics # 2.

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