Saturday, January 21, 2012

Margo the Magician

"Say-yyy!  I am a magician...Dad's magic trick of hypnosis should work!!"
~ Margo the Magician

Real Name:  Margo Webster 
First Appearance: Uncle Sam Quarterly #2 (Winter 1941)
Publisher:  Quality Comics
Creator:  Bill Bydem (probably a pen name)

Daughter of the Great Presto, Margo learned her father's power of mass hypnotism after he was shot by Japanese soldiers in Shanghai.  While dying, he whispered the secret to her.  Using her new abilities, she rescued her brother Jimmy and set off to get food for starving Chinese from a Japanese army supply train.  

She was successful and, as Japanese planes started bombing the area, we were asked, "What will happen next?"  Sadly, we do not find out as we never see Margo the Magician again, even though we are teased by a next issue blurb.  This was her sole appearance.

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  1. An interesting character, too bad they never did a second story. Perhaps she'll get some adventures yet, since she's public domain.