Thursday, January 26, 2012

El Carim, Master of Magic

"Why are you smiling, El Carim"
~ Gladys Troy, assistant
"Just my own private joke, Gladys!"
~ El Carim, Master of Magic

El Carim from Master Comics # 10
Real Name:  Unknown 
First Appearance: Master Comics # 1 (March 1940)
Publisher:  Fawcett Comics
Creator:  Carl Formes and Sven Elven

"Read backwards, El Carim's name spells "miracle".  The name fits the man...for El Carim is the world's greatest miracle maker."

El Carim is another turbaned magician of the era, who served as a stage magician as well as fighting crime. 

From Master Comics # 24
In addition to using magical spells, being able to project his spirit and being a master escape artist, El Carim had a wide array of magical tools including:
  • a magic monocle that creates illusions, allows him to see "visions" in conjunction with his "spectrograph" and that at least once deflected bullets
  • a "spectrograph" that transforms words into radio "vision" or "distance" waves
  • the world's most powerful magnet
  • an "arrestor" that freezes men or moving objects into statues
  • invisible paint

El Carim is visited by the spirit of Wizzar, the father of all magic, in Master Comics # 15, who sends him to the planet Zaam, to free the Princess Illean and avenge her father's death.

El Carim and Gladys from Master Comics # 9

El Carim and Gladys from Master Comics #10
In many of his adventures, he was assisted by a woman named Gladys Troy.

El Carim appeared in Master Comics # 1-32.

Below is his first appearance from Master Comics # 1.

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