Monday, January 30, 2012

Merlin the Magician

"Quick, General Nevsky!  Put me in your biggest cannon!  I MA WON A NONNAC LLEHS!"
~ Merlin the Magician

From National Comics # 16
Real Name:  Jock Kellogg 
First Appearance: National Comics # 1 (July 1940)
Publisher:  Quality Comics
Creator:  Dan Zolnerowich (credited to pen name "Lance Blackwood")
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"Garbed in his magical cloak, Merlin, descendant of the ancient magician of King Arthur's court, today uses occult powers to aid democracies in their fight against oppression."
When London resident and "handsome playboy" Jock Kellogg ran out of money, he received a telegram from  
a dying uncle.  Expecting a fortune, he instead learned that he was a descendant of the fabled Merlin from the time of King Arthur and inherited Merlin's magic cloak.   Later realizing the cloak truly did grant him magic  powers, Jock, now calling himself Merlin the Magician, confronted the god of war Mars.  Charged by a mysterious maiden who was the embodiment of Peace to save the people of the world, Merlin again challenged and even defeated Mars, temporarily bringing peace to the world.

 Alas, it would not remain this way, and Merlin began fighting against evil.  Merlin fought gods and other mystical beings, traveled to the land of the dead and opposed oppressing armies as well as performed more mundane tasks like helping orphans, fighting crime and recovering stolen jewels.

Merlin initially performed magic in a variety of ways including magic words and gestures, but as of National Comics # 12, he started speaking his spells backwards, like a few other magicians of the era.
Merlin appeared in National Comics # 1-26.

The following is from National Comics# 1.

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