Monday, January 23, 2012

Doctor Fate

"By the wisdom of Nabu, I banish you! Begone!"
~ Doctor Fate

From More Fun Comics #55

Real Name:  Kent Nelson 
First Appearance: More Fun Comics # 55 (May 1940)
Publisher:  DC Comics
Creator:  Gardner Fox and Howard Sherman

Doctor Fate was born Kent Nelson.  While exploring an ancient Egyptian temple as a young boy with his father, he accidentally released the alien Nabu from suspended animation.  With the death of Kent's father the same day, Nabu raised Kent, training him in the mystical arts of magic.  As a adult, Kent became the "greatest of all masters of the supernatural."  

From a mysterious tower in Salem, Massachusetts, Doctor Fate battled all manner of evil, often with his beloved Inza Cramer.  He became a charter member of the Justice Society of America.

The comic below is "the Origin of Doctor Fate", which ran in More Fun Comics # 67 (May 1941).

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