Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Tor the Magic Master

"I'd better be prepared to pit my magic against any trouble."
~ Tor the Magic Master

Real Name:  Jim Slade
First Appearance: Crack Comics # 10 (February 1941)
Publisher:  Quality Comics
Creator:  Fred Guardineer

"Jim Slade the roving press photographer secretly is Tor the Magic Master and matches his occult powers against saboteurs and enemies of America."

Jim Slade was a press photographer who, when he put on a fake mustache, tuxedo and red cape, became Tor the Magic Master.   As "Jimmy" Slade traveled the world taking pictures, he inevitably stumbled onto some trouble that Tor handled.  In his initial four appearances, he was the standard magician but later started using backward spells, similar to other magicians of the time (creator Fred Guardineer being the common denominator with these other mystics.)

Tor appeared in Crack Comics #10-26.

The following is Tor's second appearance in Crack Comics # 11.

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