Saturday, January 28, 2012

Zatara the Magician

"Uoy  era won ni my rewop."
~ Zatara the Magician

Action Comics # 14
Real Name:  Giovanni "John" Zatara 
First Appearance: Action Comics # 1 (June 1938)
Publisher:  DC Comics
Creator:  Fred Guardineer

Action Comics # 12
"Champion of law and order, the word's greatest magician and his faithful East Indian assistant, Tong, have dedicated their lives to wiping out the forces of outlawry led by the beautiful woman criminal and Zatara's arch-enemy, The Tigress."

Hawkman (vol 1) # 4 - Zatanna
Zatara is a stage magician who actually possessed magical powers.  He usually spoke his spells backwards. Zatara and his servant, Tong, traveled the world fighting crime and injustice.

Zatara had a daughter, Zatanna, who first appeared in Hawkman (volume 1) # 4 (October-November 1964).  She also cast her spells by speaking backwards.  Her mother was Sindella, of the magical race Homo Magi.

Zatara appeared in DC Comics from June 1938 until his death in Swamp Thing (volume 2) # 50 (July 1986).  His spirit has since appeared numerous times after his death.

Below is his first appearance in Action Comics # 1.

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